Is my pressure washer hose worth repairing?

Generally, yes…most wire-braided, high pressure hoses can be repaired for a lot less than the cost of a new hose.   However, it is usually not repairable for the following reasons: 1.  If it is a nylon braid (generally only 25 ft. long) hose. 2.  If the wire-braided hose has a lot of rust, exposed wire braiding, […]

Is my Honda pressure washer industrial-grade?

Many pressure washers with Honda engines are NOT industrial-grade.  That’s because Honda does not make pressure washers.   They make various types of good quality engines. To compete in the residential market, pressure washer manufactures created a low cost home-owner type by pairing a Honda engine with an entry-level pump.  They are usually sold in the discount/warehouse stores. […]

Did you know small engines (i.e. pressure washers, generators, etc) can be damaged due to improper storage?

If your pressure washer, generator, or any other type of equipment with a small engine does not start easily, runs poorly, or does not even start at all,  it is probably due to residual gas and improper storage.  If the unit has not been used for a long period of time (like a winter or […]

Is my pressure washer worth repairing?

Basically, there are three types of pressure washers:  residential, commercial and industrial-grade units.  Most consumers purchase Residential or Commercial grade pressure washers.   When determining whether your unit is worth repairing, there are three important factors to consider :  Price, Hours of Use, and Extent of Damage Price:  Residential models:  If the unit cost you less than or […]