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There is one system that is designed to safely clean and brighten your truck or fleet without damage to glass, chrome or polished aluminum surfaces. It’s easy, safe and economical to use.

Precise chemical injection means the economy. Our Two-Step Machines are designed to accurately meter the cleaning solutions to clean the vehicle surfaces and neutralize the run-off. The operator does not control the detergent solutions. With this capability, waste, misuse, and damage to the vehicles do not occur.

CAT pumps are used in our Two-Step Machines for one reason: they work. We have tried all the other industrial pumps that work well with our hot water equipment, but they cannot handle the chemical products like a CAT. The reason is the way the check valves are seated into the pump head (o-ring and split ring ) and the seals held in place with the packing nut. With our cleaning solutions neutralizing each other, the pump head gives longer life, which adds to the value of using genuine John-Henry Specialty Chemicals.

Safety: Our Electric Two-Step Machines feature low 24VAC controls. The transformer is fused both on the incoming and low voltage controls. In-line GFCIs are available or you may use your GFCI protected circuit. Single and three-phase units MUST be properly grounded. Installation wiring must meet all national and local electrical codes provided by an approved electrical installer.

Two-Step, Cold Water, Electric

The two-step acid/alkaline cleaning method is the most effective method of breaking this bond and removing the road film from a vehicle’s surface.The two-step method uses the acidic solution to setup a static charge on the vehicle’s surface and penetrate the road film. The alkaline solution,which is applied over the acidic solution, is attracted to the acid and the entire surface even sit self out over the vehicle surface. The surfactant portion of the alkaline detergent burrows into the grease, oil, and other contaminants, lifting them off the surface on a microscopic level. Road Film is then simply rinsed off the surface using high-pressure rinse water.

  • Belt Driven CAT Pump
  • Precise Chemical Injection
  • Industrial Strength Electric Motor
  • Color Coded Chemical Pick Up Tubes
  • Powder Coated HD Frame
  • Hour Meter
  • Indicator Lights on Control Panel
  • Safe 24 Volt Controls
  • Stainless Steel Float Tank and Cover
  • 7′ Stainless Steel Wand
  • Stainless Cabinet
  • Floor Stand• Wall Platform
  • 4 Wheel Cart• Pulsation Dampener – CAT
  • Low Water Shutoff
  • Trigger Gun Control
  • Cheater Box
  • Remote Wall Mount Fixture
  • 18-5 Cable for Remote
  • 80’, 100’ or 120’ Remote Hose
  • 3’ or 5’ Stainless Wand
  • Add a Two-Step Hot Box

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