Pump Systems

D-35-Galv-3 High Pressure Hydra-Cells. These pumps deliver super-hot detergent solutions from 8 to 36 GPM at 1000 psi. They are positive displacement, contain NO mechanical seals, and they can even run dry without doing damage. Available with Stainless Steel internals and pump head for Food Grade operations.
Goulds_3196_i-FRAME_pump Centrifugal pump packages designed specifically to provide superior high temp performance for the corrosive services of the Tank Cleaning Industries.
P_TSeries Gorman-Rupp’s self-priming pumps are easy to operate and service. They can run high and dry above the water level, so maintenance can be completed quickly and easily. A long-time favorite of Tank Washes, these pumps are available as basic units or may be easily flex-coupled on baseplates as complete RTU packages.
IMG_3070 Portable Hydra-Cells redefine pre-solve. This system delivers 8 gpm @ 1200 psi to your spinner. This pump can deliver diesel, or almost any specialty solvent to a spinner, even at elevated temperatures. Fluids can re-circulate, even with suspended particulates. 7.5 HP motor, available in single or 3 phase.
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