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Your pressure washer service experience is very important to us.  We want to insure you receive a full and accurate estimate to repair your equipment along with our primary goal to minimize your cost while maximizing our efforts to complete your repair in an efficient and timely manner.   In order to provide this quality service, we would like for you to understand our policies and procedures so you can make better, informed decisions.

Triage:   This is an instant and quick diagnostic procedure to help reduce your down time.  For a Triage fee (1/2 of our hourly rate), we will do a quick check of your unit with you present.  If it is an easy fix, you will only need to pay for the parts (if applicable) and the triage fee.  If the triage determines your unit will need a more in-depth evaluation, we will give you your options. You can elect to move forward with our Service Procedure to an Estimate or elect to not have the unit repaired and pay only the Triage fee.

Estimate:   If you choose to move forward with an Estimate, the Triage fee is waived and you will be charged an Estimate fee which is equal to an hour of labor and will include:  a full examination of your equipment complaint, a preventative maintenance check-up, and a full diagnostic exam of the pump, engine, burner (for hot water units) and normal wear items (hose, gun, wand, & tips).    If you decide within 48 hours after notification that you would like your machine repaired, we will apply the balance of the one-hour minimal fee towards the repair of your equipment.  If you do not give us the authorization to perform the repair, the fee will be forfeited.  This fee is due at the moment we take possession of your machine unless you have an established corporate account with us.

Repair Turnaround Time:  We strive to get your machine repaired and returned within a reasonable amount of time.  During peak seasons, our average turnaround time is 7-10 daysDuring the slower seasons, our average time is between 5-7 days.  However, we understand emergencies arise.  For those customers who need their equipment repaired in a hurry and the Triage did not resolve your unit’s problem, in most cases, we can FAST TRACK your repair for an additional $100 expedite fee.

Communication:  The contact information you provided is how you asked us to notify you when we have an estimate or your unit is ready for pick-up.  We ask that you retrieve your equipment or give us direction on how to move forward with your repair when contacted within 24-48 hours.

Equipment Storage:  Once you have been notified by a John-Henry representative of an estimate or that your machine is repaired and ready for pick-up, it is too costly for us to store your equipment.  Therefore, we ask that you make a decision about your repair or pick up your equipment within 10 days after notification or a $15/day storage fee may be added to your bill.  If after an additional 30 days have passed and you have not authorized the repair or picked up the equipment and paid any costs due, we will considered your equipment abandoned by you and will dispose of it properly to John-Henry’s sole discretion.

Hidden or Intermittent Damage/Additional Repairs:  Situations arise when other problems are discovered after the estimated repair is completed.  This is relationally due to the original complaint but could not be detected until the original complaint was resolved.  At this time, we will again notify you with a new estimate.  No additional repairs will be performed other than what was originally approved until you have authorized this secondary estimate. Please remember the above Communication & Equipment Storage conditions remain in effect.

Special Ordered Parts:  If a repair or a counter-parts sale require a special order or if we do not feel it is in your best interest to move forward with a repair, we may require full payment or at least 50% payment made in advance prior to moving forward.  The deposit will be forfeited if you choose to cancel the repair or return the part.  There is also no refund policy on normal wear items; such as, hoses, guns, wands, belts, or nozzles.


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